Monday, December 18, 2006

of canadians and cotton

the collective is sorry to report that it does not support its neighbor to the north. this end of the collective does not like it because it is cold and they are all very pale. plus they let the gays get married so there's really not much left to do up there anymore in terms of making fun of the crazies. the other end of the collective is distasteful of their french heritage and i suppose probably of their lack of support for george w bush, but by that logic he should probably move to lubbock and start a cessesion movement.

the canadian, however, was quite right about the cotton and polyester! it tore right through. luckily a has couch cushions that can be turned upsidedown. and as for next time, well there's always duct tape. unless the canadian has something bad to tell us about duct tape next....


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